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Episode 12: Co-parenting Teenagers During a Divorce Pt.1

Listen in as and Kelli (who took my parenting class 13 years ago!) and I discuss divorce, co-parenting, and supporting your children through a tumultuous time while you’re dealing with everything on your own.

  1. Strategies for spiritual healing

  2. An approach to keeping your children out of the fighting

  3. Suggestions for supporting your teenager through a traumatic event

  4. Real-life tales from the road

  5. Finding peace on your own

Listen here.

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Michelle Gambs is a parenting coach with a masters degree in counseling.   The grand experiment of parenting is sponsored by her two children, Grace and Charlie.  She has been a practicing psychotherapist for many years.  During the most desperate stages of parenting, she has been known to post on the bathroom mirror the quote, “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”


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