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Episode 19: Talking Mom Guilt and Technology w/ Emily Schwalbach

In Episode 19, Emily and I talk about mom guilt, screen time, birth order, trying new foods and the decision to try for a third child. Emily is a local social media consultant at Be Social Consulting, working to balance her growing business, growing family and her own self-care. These years are packed full of many challenging decisions for parents! Listen in to some wonderful advice and perspective from a fellow working mom trying her very best every day to make a positive impact.

You can find Emily’s social media coaching info HERE

Listen to the episode here.

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Michelle Gambs is a parenting coach with a masters degree in counseling.   The grand experiment of parenting is sponsored by her two children, Grace and Charlie.  She has been a practicing psychotherapist for many years.  During the most desperate stages of parenting, she has been known to post on the bathroom mirror the quote, “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”


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